Ringworm In Cats

Ringworm in cats – the cat is probably the most famous ever heard of, respectively.This is a fungal disease that affects the skin and hair. In fact, the “Start” to focus on two types of pain: Trichophyton Microsporum or with common names for the same clinical symptoms. The fungi. (Also called eczema) is a condition known as the “raw” better known as a “shell” Fortunately, not common in cats.
Popular type of herpes involuntary – this is one of the few diseases that can spread from cats to humans. Infection occurs through direct contact with infected animals or contaminated by this point, the infected animal (health care, grooming, toys, and the infection).

In this case, the agent of this disease is a very stable and can survive for many years.Support the development of diseases of poor hygiene, dirty movies, and many fewer injuries to the skin, severe weather conditions, weakened immune system. The disease can be transmitted by rats. Of course, that is why yeast infections are common in dogs and cats from time to time. Be careful when coming into contact with wild animals, especially in children.

But even if your cat goes outside, the possibility of the disease and to bring home the mud, which can cause eczema, fungal spores on their shoes. The more you have to use caution when visiting an exhibition or a cat on the road and in contact with other animals to prevent disease in accordance with the rules for keeping a cat, good hygiene, inspection. veterinary vaccines and anti-fungal.

Incubation of the disease may take several days to three months. In cats affected by the hair in the first round is small. The disease, which appears to occupy a large area. This area is covered with gray bark, scaly skin. It affects the face, ears, tail and limbs.Please realize that this disease can be in different. (Lesion depth) to the most dangerous. It is also easy to prove – in often sensitive to the kittens and cats with impaired immune systems. Secondly, the disease has never been detected by visual inspection, particularly the length of cat fur. Atypical forms of the disease is the development of the individual surface (or thin), local inflammation, in this case also. These lesions often have a kind of scratches or scrapes, which are complex to analyze.

When the animals began to experiment with a special lamp (Wood – The release of ultraviolet light with a wavelength of 365-366 nm) taken with bright emerald green.However, the reliability in the determination of neon is very high: 60-70% to more accurate results, the laboratory tests to be done – that of the skin scrapings and hair samples from the animals.

The herpes infection of the skin disease psoriasis, and a yellow center and the center of the body bags were 2-3 months. Treatment of lichen dermatologist appointment.

Microsporum treatment is quite long and complicated. Under previous law, animals infected with the disease, the loss (as a source of contamination of other people) is fortunately not a very effective drug, and the situation will improve. It is used for the treatment of antibiotics, vaccines, especially the water surface cleaning and treatment with antifungal drugs. To appoint a full veterinary treatment. During treatment, the cat must be isolated. But always to disinfect the area. The animals are sick, you should remember and keep clean of hand sanitizer. Sooner or later you will get treatment for cats, they are likely to be repaired and the pain will pass without serious consequences.

microsporia can be prevented. There is currently no vaccine for animals that do not affect the F-Vakderm photos vaccinated twice with the range of 10-14 days, 25-30 days after immunization, which was built as the second vaccination at least 12 months.

Most importantly, remember that the first thing you should do if you suspect that the audio side, cats, cat or kitten – to see the vet. Because, while waiting for answers to your questions about the website and forum, animal life


Cats are often the victims of eczema. dermatophytes. Skin disease in cats caused by M. of Microsporum Canis Canis or fungi are also responsible dog and human infections are dermatophytes, about 90 percent of cases of ringworm in cats. This insect is very small and if it is skin, spores, cat saliva, which is even lower. The spores, animal hair, you can do to Ring worm. If you want to help animals should learn more about the behavior of M. Canis and answer the following questions as a guide to understanding.

Your friend starts infected with Microsporum Canis;

Infected animals lose under the skin of infected people and other pets can be charged without their knowledge. If the cat is bad luck to have direct contact with the contaminated environment to develop eczema. Equipment for use in the barbershop.

When this happens, the skin of animals in the collection of conflict.

As the conflict that keeps the skin of animals. Efforts are now infected with hyphae, first hair loss in the affected areas to understand the husk. Even on the edge of the ring is weak and fragile. Sometimes, depending on the swelling and itching in pets can be a problem. Symptoms depend on the exact cause of the problem.

If ring is more or less round or injury?

Most cats in the head and ears. If the number of infections may reduce the severity of injuries to the extremities. Ring worm is highly contagious and can transmit diseases to animals and other parts of the body, usually the cat licking and ready for the front legs. You can also transmit the disease to humans, especially children, who believe that there is significant damage to the body of an infected animal. The dogs are not safe when sharing the room with the cats. Speaking of cats, I know that many of the risk of infection or not. The immune system is weak and Puppies are susceptible to fungal infection.

There are ways to help animals suffering from this disease?

The first step is possible, if you see that it is not known when the veterinarian the cat. Because of this action ensures that your suffering and easily related to fungal infection. Veterinarian for the diagnosis of infection can be easily replaced with the diagnosis of skin diseases, M Canis what veterinarians called ultraviolet light. They also conduct research into the culture of an infected hair follicle in an environment that supports the sponges in the laboratory. The microscope is sometimes enough.